Collage II

Collage II

The collage II demonstrates another intersection of paper and a concept-growth.

A focal compilation of female body parts and surrounding elements and patterns is meant to evoke growth and development.

The combined use of these elements depicts the idea that people grow, develop and change, which is proof for progress. In particular, the use of the young girl’s face in composition with the legs and pointy shoes conveys an age gap, which essentially means growth.
The use of these tones and colours gives off a warm and earthly feeling, in support of the human body.
The notion of human growth is further related to the growth of paper. Creating a piece of paper is a long process since it includes the years-long growing of the tree and then the whole processing later on.

In this way, paper as a material and growth as a process that takes place in our life, create an intersection, which makes us realize how really close we are to this everyday material.

Project designed by Evgenija Panevska


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