Collage I

Collage I

Collage is the following form of a paper-based design. For this composition, the use of newspaper print is consistent throughout the sheet, except for the focal point-the face of the woman. This component of the composition is filled with a shiny material that gets scanned from bus tickets. Then, the surrounding triangles are placed all around the rectangular piece. The subtle colours and textures of the triangular forms are quite contrasting to the black background and the shiny effect on the woman’s face.
Taken all this into consideration, this composition guides the eye to look right into the centre.
The centre of the collage is what mostly depicts an intersection between paper and value. In this case, the value is represented through the use of the ticket material, since that is the “valuable” part of the ticket.

Furthermore, the idea of value and paper translates to a broader notion, which is that value is extremely related to paper because money is a paper form that we use to declare the physical value.
This intersection of paper and value highlights another interconnection between paper as a simple material and value, a more elaborate concept that makes the population function economically.

Project designed by Evgenija Panevska


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