The exhibition

Back to Paper

The theme of our exhibition is BACK TO PAPER, the idea of getting young designers to explore – rediscover paper as a creative material and medium in a world where digital has become the dominant medium, especially for the younger generations.

The aim of the exhibition is to truly appreciate various paper art forms and create artwork through manipulating paper for the benefit of AAS students. The results are astonishing, ranging from alphabets made entirely of paper and 3D environmental typography, all the way to miniature objects and large scale art banners.

Sofia Biziogli
Evgenija Panevska – Madeline Taylor
Alexander Beikos

2D Typography

PEEL               Sofia Biziogli
RESIST           Evgenija Panevska
SEND              Madeline Taylor
RECYCLE       Alexander Beikos

Environmental Typography

MATTE     Sofia Biziogli
CUT          Evgenija Panevska
SCRAP     Magdeline Taylor


MALE / FEMALE PORTRAIT          Sofia Biziogli
HUMAN BODY                                Madeline Taylor
CHESS PIECE                                 Madeline Taylor

ARCHITECTURE     Sofia Biziogli


PATTERN I                               Evgenija Panevska
PAPER DENOTES VISION      Evgenija Panevska
ALIENS                                    Sofia Biziogli


FIGURES                Madeline Taylor
LIPS                        Evgenija Panevska
HEAVEN & HELL    Alexander Beikos


LETTERS INSIDE LETTERS     Evgenija Panevska

CLEAR CONTRAST     Madeline Taylor

CURLED UP LETTERS     Alexander Beikos

BURNT LETTERS     Sofia Biziogli

Paper Forms

BUTTERFLY     Evgenija Panevska

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