Paper clock

This is the first project among the dozen paper-based creations. The idea for this design started to develop around the concept of time. Among the numerous associations with this concept, a clock seemed like the most logical and straight forward association, since it literally tells the time. The inspiration for this shape and form came from the more advanced design of clocks, which is including only the four basic numbers, 12, 3, and 9.

After numerous sketches and variations, the final design consisted of only these four numbers blended into each other.
This paper design is simplistic and minimal, allowing the material and the negative space around it to create a modern look.
Paper has started to develop since the 10th century and it still does develop today, hence time is one of the crucial components of the growth and development of paper. Time has played a huge role in paper development and usage due to its timeless properties. The consistent usefulness of this material inspired me to create a design inspired by its timelessness and extraordinary usefulness.

Project designed by Evgenija Panevska


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